About Us

CNIM MARTIN Private Limited has been founded in 2017, in Chennai Tamilnadu , India, and is equally owned by PAPREC Group and MARTIN GmbH.

With CNIM MARTIN Private Limited joint venture, Paprec Group and MARTIN GmbH continues the close collaboration and partnership of more than 60 years initiated with CNIM SA now PAPREC ENGINEERING CNIM. CNIM MARTIN Private Limited joint venture combine the expertise in the Waste to Energy business of PAPREC ENGINEERING CNIM and Martin GmbH to address the South and South East Asian market in a competitive way.

CNIM MARTIN Private Limited owns exclusive Licenses for the proven technologies of Solid Waste Combustion from Martin GmbH, Waste to Energy Boiler from PAPREC ENGINEERING CNIM and Flue Gas Treatment and Emissions Control from LAB S.A (Martin Group) with a complete transfer of technology and know-how, and industrialisation in India and South East Asia.



Our Solutions

CNIM MARTIN offers throughout South East Asia and India the whole range of PAPREC ENGINEERING CNIM, MARTIN and LAB expertise, state of the art technologies, solutions and services for Waste to Energy and Emissions and Pollutions Control. CNIM MARTIN can offer its technology as standalone or integrated in a Complete Boiler Island or Turnkey plant  (with Partners).

Turnkey Waste to Energy Plants

CNIM MARTIN brings to India and South East Asia the unique know-how of PAPREC Group for Turnkey WTE that can be proposed with CNIM MARTIN local partners…

Waste Combustion

EnviroPowerTM is the state of the art reverse-acting grate for waste combustion in Asia, specially designed in Germany by MARTIN…

Flue Gas Cleaning

CNIM MARTIN has been nominated as exclusive representative of LAB (subsidiary of MARTIN Group) for its state of the art Flue Gas Treatment and Emission Control…

Waste to Energy Boiler

Complete transfer of the PAPREC ENGINEERING CNIM technology for WTE applications, adapted design for Asian standards, rules……

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